I live in Melbourne, Australia with my beautiful wife, Lauren, and fuzzy dog, Pepe.

I have an interest in all things web, and spend every spare moment experimenting with anything new and interesting in this space with a view of applying it to my work or simply for fun.

An undergraduate degree in econometrics was followed by a strong interest in web application development.

A plate-full of self-teaching and a healthy dose of experimentation lead to a Master in IT and currently a PhD Comp, which I study part-time while holding down a full-time job as a Data Scientist at Zetaris.

This blog is one of those written primarily for self-reference to record thoughts and impressions about things I come across, yet open to anyone who may find its content of any interest or use. It serves a secondary random stuff purpose for unrelated happenings in my life of little interest to anyone but myself and family or friends.