Rodrigo Martell (bad) deal on Nexus 5

A bad deal by a good $100.

Since I recently switched from an iPhone 5 to a Google (LG-made) Nexus 5 I started noticing it in ads, forums or being used by people. It’s weird, it’s one of those things you don’t really pay much mind to until you get one. The same thing happened to me when I bought a car. I immediately started noticing how popular it was on the street.

Anyway, I checked this afternoon to see if there were any good deals and noticed they had “HOT” prices on mobile phones, Nexus 5 included.

I bought my Nexus 5 (32 GB version) from the Google Play Store a few weeks ago for $449 (excl shipping) and was surprised to see 1-day spruiking the same model for $549 (excl shipping)!

Horrendous deal on Nexus 5

Who in their right mind would buy it off when a $100 price is a few keystrokes away?

Evidently some have fallen for it as their remaining stock indicator, if that’s anything to go by, shows they have about 75% of them left. seems to be headed the same way as with crap prices and/or crap for sale. I jokingly refer to the latter site as these days.

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