Rodrigo Martell

Coursera's Gamification course

An accessible course giving structure to learning what we might think is obvious but easily overlooked.

UPenn’s Coursera course on Gamification by Prof. Kevin Werbach finished last week with a peer-assessment of the third assignment in a series of three where the course’s content was direclty applied.

I thought the course was well structured and accessible. The first few weeks spent some time defining what Gamification actually means.

In a rough sense, gamification was presented as more than just badges and leaderboards slapped onto any old problem. A gamified system is one that address a specific objective, its participation is voluntary and has a healthy dose of fun. The fun part is hard to articulate but we know it when we see it.

There was a brief visit into psychology for a few lectures elaborating on the main point that one must consider participants’ motivations when designing a game, with intrinsic motivation preferred to extrinsic.

The lectures built up to presenting the 6D framework for designing games. It was co-developed by Kevin Werbach and although at a glance it may seem simple, a lot of complexity can lie beneath it. Here is a good post on it.

I have Werbach and Hunter’s book For The Win on my to-read list now to see if it delves deeper into some of the underlying concepts

All in all another great coursera course that will certainly help me with my research.

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